Hitting your Numbers

Get a Better Handle on your Forecast

Sales Leaders continually struggle with pipelines filled with fluff and forecasts that surprise.  It’s not a happy moment in a Sales Leaders’ life when this happens.

How do you get more predictability with your numbers?  It starts with a disciplined approach to asking the right questions and knowing which levers you can use to accelerate sales.

Use this simple checklist as part of your sales leadership toolkit to gain better control of your numbers.

It will help you:

  • Get the real story on each opportunity.
  • Separate the real opportunities from the fluff.
  • Identify ways to fill in the void.
  • Know what to do to get the real deals across the finish line.

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Want to Maximize Your Sales Growth?

Building a sales organization that delivers its numbers, makes a real difference in the lives of its customers, and stands out from the competition requires more than just a checklist.

For a free consultation or to learn how GrowthTera can help you elevate your performance and accelerate sales, call us at 212.500.2161 or visit us at www.growthtera.com.

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