We Believe in WOW

Our Purpose and Passion

Our purpose is to help companies accelerate growth and make a positive impact on the world around them.

We are seasoned senior operating executives with a passion for making a positive impact on our customers and the world in which we live. We believe that companies achieve exponential growth by activating the entire organization to deliver WOW to customers and stakeholders alike.

We developed our powerful WOW Growth Model™ and Services to deliver lasting and meaningful performance results for our clients.

Our Story

We’ve been there. We know how hard it is to deliver results in the face of crazy challenges. We’ve managed growth from a number of vantage points: sales, marketing, strategy, business development, HR, and global leadership. We’ve experienced the frustrations when major opportunities slip away, all because the company’s functional areas were not aligned (and in some cases, working against each other). And we’ve experienced the joys that happen when teams work together to help the company grow.

In our experience, the key to driving great growth is based on how closely the organization can align itself with the customer. We know the value of a customer or a partner saying things like WOW! You really get me”; or, “WOW! You know our organization better than we know ourselves.” In those moments, we became more than just partners and trusted advisors. We became family.

And that’s how we’ve been able to help our clients beat the competition and create triple-digit growth every time.

Getting to this point involved focusing on people—aligning their interests and serving their needs. The idea of GrowthTera came as we shared our ideas about how certain strategies worked and others didn’t, the difference between a unified business and a misaligned mess. We wanted to create a model for growth that would help companies activate their organizations to achieve exponential growth and make a difference in the lives of the world around them.

That’s how the WOW Growth Model™ was born.

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