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Win, Retain, and Grow Revenues

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Increase the Size and Speed of Deals

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Strengthen Relationships with Decision Makers

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Elevate Execution from Good to Wow

 We help B2B revenue leaders maximize growth

Our operational experience, proven frameworks, and data-driven approach transform your Sales,
Marketing, Customer Success, and RevOps teams into an Integrated Revenue EngineTM.

Your Goal: Predictable, Reliable Growth

You have ambitious growth goals. It’s harder than ever to achieve your numbers. You’re not alone.


sales reps do not expect to
attain quota


loss rate of forecasted
(CSO insights)


forecasts are
within 10% actual
(GrowthTera/Selling Power)

Amplify Your Growth with an Integrated Revenue Engine™

B2B customer expectations have changed. Today’s B2B buyers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions at every stage of their buyer and customer journey. They expect companies to anticipate their needs and add value with every interaction.

Winners in the game of growth gain competitive advantage by taking an outside-in approach, putting the customer at the center of everything they do. They focus on three key building blocks to transform their Sales, Marketing and Customer Success teams into an Integrated Revenue Engine™.


Define how you will
win in each target
market segment

Operational Alignment

Create a seamless lead-to-revenue process
across the customer lifecycle and a single
source of truth of decision-making.

Revenue Execution

Mobilize the right people and plans
to increase demand, convert
opportunities into revenues and
customers into loyal advocates.

“To be Best of Breed” you need 4 Aces. GrowthTera will give you 5 and tell you what cards the other players hold. They add volumes of value across the organization, from Sales to Marketing to Customer Success. Most of all they bring excellent leadership and are enjoyable and fun to work with.

-Gary Fitlin CEO, Gyrodyne

A Winning Go-To-Market Strategy

Buyers have high expectations and are looking for sellers that help them achieve real business outcomes. Knowing your customers better than anyone else fuels growth. Most B2B sellers have not kept pace with their customers, creating a huge disconnect.

Only 7% of customers feel that sellers understand their business and goals

We help you build go-to-market strategies that position you to win in each of your target market segments.

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Operational Alignment That Delivers

Growth challenges can be a sign of misalignment between Sales, Marketing and Customer Success teams who each operate with their own definitions, processes and metrics. Your prospects and customers interact with you across multiple channels throughout their lifecycle. They don’t think in silos, neither should you.

Cross-functional alignment contributes up to 19% faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability.
-Sirius Decisions

We help you align every aspect of your lead-to-revenue process with your customer lifecycle so you have one integrated and coordinated approach to revenue growth.

Learn More E-book: Sales as a Team Sport

GrowthTera is a positive, transformative force. They quickly aligned sales and marketing around a plan that helped the company deliver record revenues.

-Jean-Marc Levy
CEO, ComplySci

GrowthTera helped us shift our execution from ‘good’ to ‘Wow’. This was key to helping us achieve our growth targets and build customer loyalty.

-Joe Macies
CEO, Virtual OfficeWare
Healthcare Solutions

Revenue Execution That Gets Results

Ultimately, it comes down to excellence in execution. High growth organizations need to increase demand, convert interest into opportunities, and turn opportunities into revenues.

The sales department isn’t the whole company, but the whole company better be the sales department.
-Philip Kotler

We use proven, science-based methods that get you the right combination of people, process and tools you need to accelerate and maximize growth.

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The Buyer-Seller Disconnect

B2B buyers have evolved. They are more prepared and knowledgeable, giving them more power than ever before. By the time they meet with sellers, they expect someone who understands their business, who can add value, and who can help them achieve their business goals.

Most sellers fall short, creating a big disconnect.  This disconnect has a significant impact on revenue growth:

  • 57% sales reps do not expect to attain quota (Salesforce)
  • 53% loss rate of forecasted deals (CSO insights)
  • 15% forecasts are within 10% actual (GrowthTera/Selling Power)

Close the Gap….
With an Integrated Revenue Engine

Your reps must become the trusted advisors that your customers need and want. Sales training and skill development are important, but they aren’t enough. Sales challenges can be a signal of misalignment between siloed Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams.

Less than 7% of vendors understand their customers business needs and provide valuable insights.

— Oracle/Mainstay

Only 20% of the salespeople executive buyers meet with are successful in achieving their expectations and creating value.

— Forrester

Sales Can’t Do It Alone

High growth companies break down the silos and transform Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Revenue Operations into a finely tuned Integrated Revenue Engine™.

It starts with a Go-To-Market (GTM) playbook that defines how to dominate the market. It aligns teams around common goals, and lead-to-revenue processes. It optimizes execution with the right people, tools and technologies to close the buyer-seller disconnect.

Who We Help


Increase marketing contribution to revenue.


Increase the value, volume and velocity of deals.

Customer Success

Deliver customer value and maximize up-sell and cross-sell revenues.

Revenue Operations

Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness across the entire customer lifecycle.

Ready to Get Started?
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Looking to grow your revenues? Do you have an Integrated Revenue Engine™? Our IRE™ Assessement will identify opportunities to tweak your GTM playbook, increase alignment and optimize your execution so can achieve your growth goals.

Results We Get

Increased deal size up
to 6X the original

Accelerated sales
cycle from 18 months
to 6 weeks

Increased forecast
accuracy within 10%
of actual

Increased revenue
growth by 500%

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Ready to Get Started?

Looking to grow your revenues?
Our Revenue Engine Assessment will identify opportunities to tweak your GTM playbook, increase alignment and optimize your execution so you can achieve your growth goals.

Provided an exceptional blueprint, rapidly adding custom insights and real value. I can wholeheartedly recommend GrowthTera.

-Jack Petrie
CEO, TakeOffice


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