Should Sales Leaders Swoop in to Save the Deal?

Should Sales Leaders Swoop in to Save the Deal?
Recently I received the following email from a VP of sales, asking for advice about how to bring out the best in his people:

Dear Sherri:

We have a relatively new team and I am noticing that the first-line sales managers are spending a lot of time swooping in to “save” the deal. If they don’t step in, they say we’d lose the deal to either competition or no decision. I know we need to be developing these reps, but they are concerned that, if we take time out to coach and train, we’d lose the momentum we’ve got going with these deals. But, even with the managers stepping in to drive the deals, I’m still not getting the results we need. Reps are getting frustrated that they aren’t more empowered and many are starting to leave. Help! Is there a better way?



To read Sherri’s reply, click here.


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