Empower Employees to Promote Your Brand

Empower Employees to Promote Your Brand

Social media has become embedded in our lives. According to Pew Research, seven in ten Americans now use social media.  As new features and functions become available, the use of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkdedIn and Twitter continue to grow and shape how we connect, build relationships and share content.

Like many new technologies and applications, social media started out as a tool for personal communications, but has now crossed over into the world of work.  Organizations of all sizes and types are leveraging social media to build brand awareness, nurture prospects, promote thought leadership and credibility, and stand out in the face of intense competition for customers and talent.

The proliferation of media has made it harder to build authentic relationships that differentiate the brand.  The increased transparency social media has enabled, means that your customer is no longer just the person that buys your products – it is also the person thinking about applying for a position, working on a “gig” with your company, or working with one of your partners or suppliers.

At the same time, the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer shows that trust in business and all institutions continue to decline. This lack of confidence is causing consumers and candidates to rely more heavily on input from their trusted networks of friends, family, and peers.

Employees can play a valuable role in bridging the trust gap by acting as ambassadors for the company and cultivating relationships with customers, industry experts, alumni, and potential candidates.    Employees become brand advocates when they endorse their employer’s brand, share content and information about the company and available job postings, recommend the company, share positive experiences with the company and engage in conversations on issues relevant to the business.

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