Build an Integrated Revenue Engine

Get everyone collaborating to define, sell and deliver business outcomes.

In today’s subscription economy buyers are more willing than ever to shift their spend if they are not happy. You can’t afford to miss valuable revenue opportunities, duplicate efforts, send conflicting messages, or drop the ball during handoffs between teams.

You need to break down the silos so everyone is working together across teams.

Build An Integrated Revenue Engine™

Collaboration between sales, marketing, customer success and product is key to selling and delivering business outcomes.  Yet, our research showed that only 46% of sales professionals feel that collaboration between Sales and Marketing is either “good or great.”

We help you build an Integrated Revenue Engine™  (IRE™) so your teams are firing on all cylinders. We address five key areas:

  1. Align Goals
    Connect team performance to corporate goals and customer outcomes. Identify metrics and incentives that close the gap between functions and reinforce customer-centricity.
  2. Clarify Roles & Responsibilties
    Empower people and increase accountability by providing clarity of roles and responsibilities and decision-making across all teams.
  3. Synchronize Processes
    Create a common language and synchronize processes across teams to deliver a seamless experience to the customer.
  4. Inspire through Culture
    Put the customer at the center of everything you do. Align your culture and your brand by nurturing the values and behaviors key to your success.
  5. Engage with Communications
    Weave customer business outcomes into all your communications and engage employees to find ways to optimize performance and maximize customer outcomes.

Cross-functional alignment contributes up to 19% faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability.

— Sirius Decisions

IRE™ Health Check

Our IRE™ Health Check diagnoses the maturity of your revenue engine. We survey people across sales, marketing, customer success, and all the functions to gather input. We then bring people together from across the functions in an IRE™ Workshop to review findings, identify root causes and create action plans to rev up your engine.  We execute in 60-90 day sprints so you get results fast.

  • Understands how to bring the organization together to achieve revenue and profit objectives.

    Dennis Piccininni, COO and EVP PDWare

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