Define Business Outcomes

Monetize and align the value you deliver with the business outcomes customers expect.

Success today requires shifting your mindset from products to business outcomes.  It means seeing your target customers’ needs through their eyes and speaking to them in their language. We help you understand their industry, business challenges, goals and key initiatives. We map your value to the business outcomes they want.

Monetize Your Unique Value

We help you understand the different use cases for your solution and then monetize the value you deliver. Knowing what value you deliver to your existing customers provides key information for building business cases and ROI tools.

Understand Your Ideal Customers

Using sales and customer data, win/loss analyses, and internal and customer interviews, we provide insight into the customers that deliver the maximum customer lifetime value (CLV) for you.

Zeroing in on the right customers means sales and marketing won’t waste time and money reaching out to people who won’t buy, or won’t become valuable, long-term customers.

Sales reps are 5x more likely to get engagement if they add value to prospects.

— Salesforce

20% of sales people are currently seen as valuable by their buyers.

— Salesforce

Less than 10% of providers do a good job of communicating the business value their technology and services provide.

— Gartner

Less than 1/3 of the sales leaders surveyed felt their teams had a common understanding of the ideal customer profile.

— GrowthTera

94% of customers have disengaged with a vendor because they received irrelevant content.


Align Your Value with Customer Business Outcomes

We synthesize industry, market and target company data and equip account managers, sales development reps, and account executives with the insight they need to access and engage executive decision-makers.

SpeedSheets™ aligns your value to your customer business outcomes:

  • Maps your solutions and use cases to specific business initiatives and financial goals at a target account.
  • Offers use case examples, and quantifies your business value to outcomes.
  • Contains use cases and business cases that are personalized to individual buyer personas.
  • Automates sales messaging for C-suite selling into new and existing enterprise accounts.

Knowing your value and your customer is just the start. To uncover new opportunities, you need to do the research to know how you can make a difference in your customers’ business. Finding and interpreting the data requires a different mindset and skillset.  It requires having an outside-in and strategic view of your customer’s business. And, it requires time—time that your reps don’t have.


SpeedSheets™ is a trademark of Revenue Accelerators

Power up Account-Based Initiatives

We work with sales and marketing to integrate business outcome messaging into all your account-based initiatives and content across the entire buyer and customer journeys. Grab your customer’s attention at critical stages to accelerate leads, drive adoption and maximize revenues using financial proof of your solution’s value.

  • When it comes to building trust in executive relationships, having Sales solve financial problems and articulate and align their solution’s value to them, is key. SpeedSheets™ is the first to enable this, getting reps up to speed financially, successfully selling top down, and improving pipelines.

    Paul Teshima, CEO & Co-Founder, Nudge (former Group VP Oracle, SVP Eloqua)

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