Deliver Customer Outcomes

Deliver the outcomes customers expect to retain and grow customer revenues.

The relationship with your customer does not stop at the end of a sale, especially in the subscription economy. To retain and grow customer revenues you need to deliver on your promises. It is all about making your customers successful.

Business Outcomes Health Check

We assess the extent to which your customer relationships are focused on delivering business outcomes. We address questions such as:

  • Does everyone know how your customers measure success, and how you help them achieve it?
  • Are implementation programs designed to accelerate the time-to-value for your customer?
  • Are you measuring the actual value that customers get from your solution
  • Is delivering customer outcomes linked to performance metrics?

Based on our findings, we help you plan your journey to where you need to be to integrate customer outcomes into all programs – from onboarding, to marketing, to customer success and product – pinpointing specific actions that help you deliver the maximum value to your customers so you can build loyalty and maximize your revenues.

Only 55% of B2B enterprises say they understand how their customers measure success.

— Oracle/Mainstay

44% felt that only a quarter of their existing providers were helping them maximize value consistently.

— Gartner

Accelerate Time to Value

The onboarding process is a critical part of the customer journey, setting the stage for a successful customer relationship. Everyone involved must understand the outcomes that customers are expecting and the metrics they’re using to define success.  We help you design an onboarding process to help your customers realize value as quickly as possible.

Measure the Outcomes you Deliver

Partnering with your customers to track actual business outcomes helps you build trust and loyalty.  Set your company apart from your competition by helping them maximize the value from their investment.  With the right metric and measures, we help you build the story that shows the real difference you are making to your customer.

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Shift the mindset from order-takers to opportunity-makers.  Engage customers as a strategic partner. Share best practices and identify opportunities to generate additional revenue through cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, as well as referrals and references. We provide the tools, training and consulting to help your people identify new ways to add value to your customers while growing your revenue base.

  • GrowthTera helped us take an outside-in view of our customer onboarding program and identify opportunities to enhance the experience and accelerate time to value.

    Joe Macies, CEO - Virtual OfficeWare Healthcare Solutions

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