GrowthTera JumpStart Program

Get the insights that get the meetings, instead of waiting for a meeting to get the insights.

Customers are drowning in a sea of undifferentiated sales and marketing communication focused on product features and functions.

  • Are your reps getting access to executive decision makers?
  • Do they speak the business and financial language of the C-suite?
  • Can they align the value you deliver to your customers’ corporate priorities?

Your team will stand out from the crowd when they speak the language of business outcomes that matter to your customers.

The JumpStart program is designed to help your reps get in the door and sell decision-makers faster.

Program Description

Our JumpStart includes:

  • SpeedSheets™ for 10 target accounts
  • Value Alignment workshop
  • Customized messaging per SpeedSheet™
  • Training on how to use the SpeedSheet™
  • Follow up coaching support


SpeedSheets™ is a trademark of Revenue Accelerators

Program Benefits

SpeedSheets™  give your reps the insight they need to start at the top so you:

  1. Spend more time selling. Let sales people do what they do best – sell – instead of research.
  2. Communicate your value in terms executives understand. Demonstrate how your solution helps customers attain their top priorities.
  3. Build a more robust pipeline. Uncover key business initiatives and outcomes that develop into new sales opportunities and grow your pipeline.
  4. Close more deals faster. Reduce bottlenecks and accelerate sales cycles by creating a sense of urgency with decision makers.

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