The Customer-Centered Business

Meeting your customers’ needs, goals and expectations is key to achieving revenue growth. We work with you to identify your ideal target customer, and understand their needs, behaviors and expectations across the customer journey. We help you share these insights across the organization so that every aspect of your business is focused on the right opportunities and delivering what customers truly value.

How we help:

  • Ideal Customer Profile – We do a deep dive into your customer base and identify customer segments based on profitability. With this insight, we help you prioritize target segments and develop strategies to serve each segment that optimizes both revenues and the use of your resources.
  • Customer Personas – Based on your ideal customer profiles, we help you create a profile of your customers that can be used across the company. We provide insight into customers’ rational and emotional needs and expectations across the entire customer journey. We draw on existing data and customer interviews to create personas, empathy maps and customer impact maps. We train your people to talk to customers so that you can maintain your understanding on an ongoing basis.
  • Customer Experience – We help you visualize the customer journey, internal processes, and your services. We then work with you to analyze these from the outside-in so you see these through the eyes of your customers, and leverage data from each stage of the journey to show how you are performing.  Based on this analysis, we work with you to identify key moments where you can make a real impact and build customer loyalty and advocacy.
  • Voice of the Customer – We work with you to integrate “listening posts” across the customer journey so you know how you are doing and can make adjustments on an ongoing basis. We also help conduct customer surveys, and customer interviews so you stay close to your customer.
  • Churn, Recovery and Retention – We dive into your data and talk to your customers so you get the real story about why they left. We then help you leverage these insights to shape your strategy and tactics and create a well thought-out recovery and retention program.

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