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At GrowthTera, we help companies create a strategy that enables them to dominate their market, hit their numbers and build lifetime customer relationships. Our methodologies set you up for success in three key areas: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. We help your organization to ditch the silos and work together as one Integrated Revenue Engine™.

How we help

GrowthTera helps you build world-class teams that inspire, motivate, and equip your organization to compete at a level unmatched by others. We leverage data, analysis, and insight to help leaders hire, develop their people, and elevate performance. Our goal is to help you increase the average deal size, accelerate sales cycles, retain customers and build long-lasting customer relationships that drive new and predictable revenue growth while building customer loyalty and advocacy.

The secret to our success? We put the customer at the center of everything we do and work from the outside-in. This approach informs every interaction with the customer. And, unlike conventional approaches, our holistic framework drives excellence throughout each functional area while maximizing revenue and customer success as a whole period.

Revenue Strategy – Unlike sales strategies that only address the sales function, our methodology starts with a deep understanding of your customer and your market and translates that into revenue-generating, integrated execution across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success.

Sales Success –  The vast majority of buyers execute 70% of their buying process online, long before they ever contact a salesperson. In this environment, Sales must figure out how to be relevant and still make their numbers. We help you implement proven methodologies, templates, and strategies that develop your organization into a truly outstanding salesforce.

Marketing Success –  Your marketing team plays a vital role in revenue growth. Our data-informed, outside-in, customer-centric marketing techniques help you develop a winning brand strategy that the entire company can rally behind—enabling Sales to win new deals and Customer Success to grow the business from existing customers.

Customer Success – Customer Success is a philosophy and commitment. In our model, every team member has a role to play. We can help you implement the tools, processes, and structure to maximize adoption, retention, and total customer lifetime value.

Building a Top-Notch Team – Your greatest asset is the team you build. You need the best talent in terms of skill, mindset, and cultural fit.  We help you hire and quickly onboard team members to reach full productivity. Our highly customizable and adaptable sales process and training programs bring teams together and create the foundation for an engaging, fun, motivating, and inspiring sales culture.

Account-Based Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success – Account-based selling and marketing typically achieve double-digit growth. We help you build strategies that strengthen customer relationships across the buying journey. Our methodologies align teams and resources so you can deliver the outcomes customers expect, setting the stage for larger and more frequent deals.

Customer Relationship Training and Skill Development –  If you don’t deliver impact for your customers, someone else will. We help leaders train and develop an army of trusted advisors, equipped with knowledge tools, content, and sales process customized to your business.

Inside Sales and Lead Generation – Top performing companies develop a lead generation process that synergistically fuels revenue growth with Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support.  We help you establish the strategy, the people, the sales enablement, and the seamless customer experience you need to maximize results.

Sales Enablement Services – We work with your teams to ensure that they have the right skills, information and tools at the right time to serve your customers across the entire customer journey. We help you build your knowledge repository, develop powerful content, tools, and templates. We help you instill process that drives productivity and training that prepares your team members for success.

Sales Leadership – One of the most important jobs in the entire revenue value chain is that of the first-line and in some cases, your second-line sales manager. We help you train and motivate your Sales Managers to be effective drivers of business growth.

Channel Strategy and Development – Channel partners give sales and marketing reach and scale. We help you leverage your partner eco-system with programs that target your ideal customer, accelerate deals, and increase both the volume and size of deals.

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