The Integrated Revenue Engine

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Companies, shareholders and team members are striving for maximum growth. The GrowthTera Integrated Revenue Engine™ helps you achieve it.

  1. We help you identify and create the right opportunities
  2. We implement repeatable practices that move opportunities through the funnel in a predictable way.
  3. We help you make the customer the focal point of all you do so you can maximize lifetime customer value.
  4. We build powerful operational frameworks that align resources and team members for success.

Our Integrated Revenue Engine™ is a proven methodology that helps you transform your organization into an efficient, integrated and aligned operation that captures and capitalizes on every opportunity.

We start with the source of all revenue: the customer. We align and focus the work being done by Sales, Marketing and Customer Success with an operational framework that ensures you meet customer expectations and achieve your vision and goals.

Our framework is built on 10 fundamentals:

  1. Customer Focus – Customers demand a seamless, intuitive experience at every touchpoint.  This requires building a customer focus into every activity across the company.
  2. Strategy Commitment – The entire organization must be united by a common understanding of your purpose, vision, strategy, and priorities so everyone is working together towards achieving your goals.
  3. Culture – Culture defines how your teams operate and how customers perceive your brand. It must be consciously designed, nurtured and recognized so that it is reflected in day-to-day behavior across the organization.
  4. Goals and Metrics –  What gets measured gets done. Goals and metrics must be aligned across functions and provide insight into performance so you can quickly respond to feedback and changes in the market.
  5. Roles and Responsibilities –   Clarity of roles and responsibilities and decision making is key to empowering teams and achieving results.
  6. Process Alignment – Align processes across your sales, marketing and customer success teams to support collaboration and deliver a seamless experience for the customer.
  7. Talent –  You need the best talent to succeed. That means hiring, onboarding and developing talent so they are committed to delivering the best outcomes for your customers.
  8. Tools and Technology – The tools and technologies you choose must provide the essential data you need, drive productivity, and enable cross-functional collaboration.
  9. Communications – Effective communications mechanisms and feedback loops are key to working together to maximize results.
  10. Leadership – Effective leadership fosters the culture and creates an environment built on open communications, customer focus, and growth.
  • Understands the big picture -- how everything fits together and the impact of change on the organization, the stakeholders and the clients.

    Don Zinn, Vice-President | Stephen Douglas
    Don Zinn, Vice-President | Stephen Douglas
  • GrowthTera united management around root causes of our growth challenges, identified priorities and gave us a powerful path forward.

    Joe Macies, CEO - Virtual OfficeWare Healthcare Solutions
    Joe Macies, CEO - Virtual OfficeWare Healthcare Solutions

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