Sell Business Outcomes

Connect at the executive level, shape the vision, create opportunities and seal the deal.

It’s not easy to get your customers’ attention, especially at the top.  Are your sales professionals equipped to engage with executive stakeholders about the business outcomes they want, using language relevant to them?

Sales Health Check

Companies often invest in processes or training without first understanding what’s working and what’s not.  Without this vital information, you could be making the wrong hires or using a one-size-fits all training program that may fall on deaf ears. We analyze the gap between where you are and where you need to be to reach your targets. We pinpoint specific actions that need to be taken, building on what is already working, and customizing to meet your unique challenges.

Enable Business Outcomes Selling

Equip your sales team with the scripts, templates, tools and content they need to engage buyers at every level and stage of the buying process. Set them up to maximize size and speed of deals by engaging with each buyer and taking control of the buying process.

Only 8% of buyers believe sellers are focused on driving valuable end results.

— Forrester

Only 20% of the salespeople executive buyers meet with are successful in achieving their expectations and creating value. Only one in four of these will get a followup meeting.

— Forrester

74% of companies who turn a vision into a clear path to value are the ones to win the deal.

— Forrester

When CSOs fully utilize one-on-one coaching and a rigorous sales process — sellers perform 10% better than the peer average.

— Accenture

Account-Based Planning

Great plans map the future growth of accounts. They weave together insights from industry analysis, customer research and collaborative planning activities. They define how you will optimize both customer outcomes and your revenues, and help you gain the internal support you need to turn customers into loyal advocates. We help you create the sales playbooks you need to drive new opportunities and grow revenues. Our approach illuminates the interrelationships between stakeholders and the  business outcomes they care about.  They provide all the sales motions, the events, the campaigns, and detailed roadmap to capture revenue opportunities.

Sales Training

Winning major opportunities happens in the C-suite. Demonstrating knowledge of your customer’s business and the outcomes they want is essential to engaging at that level.  Our sales training helps reps make the shift from selling products and solutions to selling business outcomes and creating a shared vision all stakeholders can embrace.

Our training addresses:

  • Understanding Customer Business Outcomes
  • Financial Intelligence for the Sales Rep
  • Account-Based Selling and Planning
  • Prospecting to the Enterprise
  • Selling the C-Suite
  • Accelerating the Complex Sales Cycle

Sales Management Training

Sales managers are crucial to building high performance teams. Yet, Only 49% of the sales leaders we surveyed rated themselves as highly capable.

Our consulting, training, playbooks, and coaching helps sales managers elevate performance across all levels in the organization so you get predictable, reliable forecasts and revenues.   Our high performance sales management curriculum addresses:

  • Sales planning
  • Sales leadership and management
    • Hiring and onboarding
    • Compensation and incentive planning
    • Creating a high performance sales culture
    • Coaching and skill development
  • Opportunity and pipeline management

Results from our training and sales development programs:

Increased deal
size up to 6X the original value

Accelerated sales cycle from 18 months to 6 weeks

Increased forecast accuracy to 90%+ of actual

Increased revenue growth by 500%

Coaching for Success

Coaching ensures valuable, long-lasting results.  Training without reinforcement—no matter how good the training is—won’t stick.  Our programs are designed to support your managers so they build the coaching skills they need into their day-to-day activities. Everyone wins –the reps, the managers, the company and your customers.

  • GrowthTera gave us game-changing strategies that enable us to lead in our market.

    CEO, Healthcare Leasing Corporation

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